King Salon Jazz Duo

Live music from the world of the jazz bar music

American jazz, Latin-American jazz, evergreens, soundtracks, musicals, blues, rock, operettas, dance music

Király Elvira – piano
Németh Tibor – violin

sárvár körbevágott új

Our piano-violin duo plays high quality bar music at events, receptions, restaurants and hotels. Our bandwidth covers the high end entertainment music from the 20th century: American jazz standards, evergreens, movie soundtracks, ragtime, chanson, musicals, operettas, Latin-American jazz and dance music, pop-rock, blues, Hungarian hits and dance music and also music coming from the times of the 1st and 2nd World War. We also play classical music (Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Johann Strauss, etc.) Our style is the so called salon jazz style which means the area of jazz that can be understood and enjoyed by all ages. Our style belongs to the world of the „classic” bar music which is hard to find nowadays. Our show was created with a lot of care and is dominated by a rich piano performance in an “orchestra style” accompanying the violin. After finishing our education as classical music artists (Music Academy of Hungary) we continued our studies at Jenő Esze which is one of the most famous bar piano artists in the Hungarian music world. Our songs were created based on his instructions for piano only and for piano and violin.